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Your backup in safe hands

Cyber attacks, such as ransomware attacks, often aim to take control of a company's data backup. Why? Because the attackers take away the only way to restore your data. This makes you a blackmail victim – and often over a long period of time.

This is where Rubrik comes into play: as a provider of modern backup/restore solutions, Rubrik focuses on data security from the outset. Rubrik ensures that the creation of backups – and above all the restoration of data – is extremely efficient and uncomplicated. The solutions can be used both in the customer's own data center environment and in the public cloud environment, which is why they are also hybrid.

The architecture of Rubrik solutions is very similar to HCI environments with all their advantages: Hardware and software come from a single source, the environment is scalable and agile. The security features of Rubrik software packages quickly reveal anomalies, warn at a very early stage of a cyberattack and identify affected data or areas. This creates transparency and ensures early detection of threats.

In the event of corrupted data, Rubrik solutions reliably restore the data to its normal state – supported by the manufacturer and software maintenance. The aim is always to detect anomalies as soon as they occur and then rectify them. In the event of a cyber attack, Rubrik solutions provide you with outstanding protection using state-of-the-art backup and optimized cybersecurity.

In brief

High-performance and uncomplicated creation of backups and restoration of data

Can be used in private and public cloud environments

Hardware and software from a single source – simple, scalable and agile

Early detection of threats

SUSE NeuVector Security

Continuous security for your container

NeuVector is a zero-trust container security platform. Continuous checks are carried out during the entire lifecycle of the container. This guarantees security. From the very beginning, security policies can be integrated to maximize developer agility.

Why is this important? The use of containers in data center environments is increasing rapidly. This results in an extremely high degree of distribution. Exactly in these environments it is important to maximize transparency, establish security rules and protect the individual containers from attacks. With SUSE NeuVector Security, the implementation of security requirements is highly efficient.

In brief

Security through continuous checks

Establishment of security rules

Protection of the container against attacks

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