Datacenter infrastructures

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Physical IT infrastructure is the heart of every company. No matter whether holistic solutions are designed or only individual elements need to be provided. From servers, storage and backup/recovery solutions to hyperconverged and high-availability environments – our applications are modern, flexible and meet your requirements. Choosing the latest solutions and manufacturers is our top priority. We design your infrastructure in a way that allows it to scale flexibly and adapt to changing conditions. We think not only technically, but also economically – fast, secure, state-of-the-art.

In brief

Modern and flexible server, storage and backup/recovery solutions

Hyperconverged and high-availability environments

No off-the-shelf offers

Server solutions

Servers are the physical basis for operating environments, no matter how they are operated – bare metal, virtualized or containerized. We work with you to assess the current situation, configure the optimum IT concept and implement it in your environment if required. To do this, we work with the global market leaders in the field of server solutions and provide you with the server computing power you need.

In brief

Joint assessment of the current situation

Innovative solutions: bare metal, virtualized or containerized

Implementation in your environment

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