The Erik Sterck GmbH

„If IT has become better, then it has become simpler!“ 

That's us

The owner-managed Erik Sterck GmbH, headquartered in Leonberg, Baden-Württemberg, advises companies individually and in partnership in the entire data center environment as well as on cloud-native services and cybersecurity. Across Germany, we are also represented in Cologne and Munich. We provide manufacturer-independent, uncompromisingly targeted, fair and objective advice. Our goal is to achieve optimum results for your individual needs. A particular focus is on the topic of automation. We explore the question of how operations services can be made available more easily and flexibly within the company. From improvements of IT processes to fully automated operations stacks that include new applications and platforms. This allows our clients' IT departments to focus more on IT innovation and demonstrate the benefits of digital processes to their business. Every day, we use our experience and absolute expertise to implement sustainable solutions. From consulting workshops to implementation, we are at your disposal as a partner and successfully implement projects both in virtual server environments and in container-virtualized environments.

What makes Erik Sterck GmbH so special?

Where existing solutions reach their limits, we go two steps further. We develop innovative solutions for today, tomorrow, and the day after. In doing so, we completely redefine security and flexibility for future application scenarios. Customer focus is our core competence.

How do we do that?

With dedication, passion, and the unwavering will to go the extra mile. We collaborate with globally leading manufacturers, which frees us from being tied to a limited product portfolio. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for us to provide the individually optimal solution for our customers from both technical and commercial perspectives.

Our path to becoming an established system house

Oliver Batz and Erik Sterck have proven that they make a good team over many years of working together as colleagues. The joint step into self-employment was therefore an obvious one. The story of Erik Sterck GmbH began as a two-man operation in an office in Tiefenbronn. What happened next? Discover the history of our system house:

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