Annual outlook: Digitalization is change

Leonberg, December 14, 2023  Public cloud, new work, artificial intelligence  many future trends in the IT industry picked up speed in 2023. Erik Sterck, Managing Director and co-founder of the Leonberg-based system house of the same name, also sees these as highly relevant topics with great potential for innovation in 2024. Sterck sees advancing digitalization primarily as a change in previous habits. 

"Just a few years ago, there was widespread skepticism towards all types of cloud, for example multi-cloud and public cloud environments. This skepticism has subsided in the last two years, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic," says Erik Sterck. This development is closely linked to the transition to New Work, which places new demands on companies' IT infrastructure with home offices and mobile working. "The most prominent example of public cloud applications is probably the Microsoft Office package with applications such as TEAMS, which served as a real acceptance booster in recent years. It is to be expected that services that are generally suitable for provision via the cloud in future will predominantly come from the public cloud," says Sterck, assessing the situation. In conjunction with the data centers, offerings from the cloud will transform the overall IT environment into a hybrid environment.

AI will revolutionize cybersecurity 

With the New Work wave and driven by global geopolitics, the topic of cybersecurity will continue to be highly relevant in 2024. The latest advances in terms of artificial intelligence will have a major impact here: "AI will bring huge added value in the field of cybersecurity and set new standards. There is enormous potential in particular in the detection of anomalies, on the basis of which many security systems work," says Sterck. "Artificial intelligence will not only act as an innovation accelerator in cybersecurity, it will trigger massive leaps in development in all areas of IT." 

AI itself will develop significantly in 2024 as well. Erik Sterck sees the US companies Tesla and Meta under their founders Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg as the nucleus of research into AI-based technologies. "What these two companies come up with is visionary in all respects and generally applicable to all areas of the digital world," says Erik Sterck. "Regardless of personal sympathies, their products are groundbreaking, as PayPal and Tesla prove."

Caption: Erik Sterck, Managing Director and co-founder of Erik Sterck GmbH, sees public cloud solutions and AI support as top trends in the IT industry in 2024. Source: Erik Sterck GmbH

About Erik Sterck GmbH 

The owner-managed Erik Sterck GmbH was founded in 2014 and is one of the most distinguished system houses in Germany. With three locations in Leonberg, Munich and Cologne, Erik Sterck GmbH provides highly professional, individual and partnership-based advice in the entire data center environment and in cloud computing services. The service portfolio is divided into two areas. 

In the data center sector, Erik Sterck GmbH represents a holistic, manufacturer-independent consulting concept. The services cover consulting, planning, delivery and implementation of data center equipment, servers, storage, converged infrastructure and cloud services. Erik Sterck GmbH has a particular focus on cybersecurity. 

In the second service area, DevOps, the focus is on automation. Customers receive comprehensive advice on operation services covering everything from improvements of IT processes to fully automated operation stacks. Requirements in the area of containerized infrastructure environments and Kubernetes are often the subject of current projects. In this way, Erik Sterck GmbH keeps the IT departments of its customers' backs free so that they can concentrate on their core tasks again.

In total, the company supports over 170 customers from all industries, primarily in the German SME sector. Erik Sterck GmbH has received numerous awards for its work, most recently the Rubrik Global Award "Cyber Recovery Partner of the Year" (2023), Arctic Wolf Networks "Partner of the Quarter" (2023) and Nutanix "Best Technical Partner" (2020).

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